The Varshini Hospital has been extremely popular with patients and staff members, due principally to the hospital's emphasis on "Best Complete Service". Varshini Hospital is organized and staffed around the "Patient's Care and Cure Service" model of health care delivery which places the emphasis of all the hospital's resources around the needs of the patient rather than attempting to fit the patient into the services of the hospital.

The facility is built to function as an advanced multi speciality health care center to practice wholesome medicine.


The mission of Varshini Hospital is to provide specialized and general medical services with a high level of professional competence with personalized caring touch. The hospital caters essentially to the people living in & around Sundar Nagar / K K Nagar in Trichy. The hospital is located on 1, First Cross, Sundar Nagar, Trichy - Ph 431 2456782 very close to the Trichy International Airport.

Our Vision

Advances in diagnosis and treatment in medicine has taken medical care beyond the reach of common man. We, at Varshini Hospital are committed to bridge this gap by offering high quality medical care at an affordable cost.

Our Dedicated Staff

At Varshini Hospital, a galaxy of eminent academic specialists, consultants and dedicated professionals are fully geared to offer the best in medical, surgical and obstetric care under one roof.

Operation Theatre

We are fully equipped with the most sophisticated operation theatre having laminar flow system with surgical procedures especially cardiac and Plastic Surgery, with near 100% infection free environment

24 Hours Emergency Service and pharmacy facilities

The hospital has a 24 hours emergency/casualty department that is managed by a team of Casualty Medical Officers who are supported by specialists in all medical disciplines. We have an advanced emergency management system that can handle road traffic accidents, cardiac emergencies, cases of poisoning etc.